Idhayathai Thirudathey | இதயத்தை திருடாதே | Episode 421| Coming Up Next
After winning the dance tournament, Shiva and the family plan to go on a trip to Kerala for leisure. Tune in to the sneak peek of the forthcoming episode.
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Sahana and Shiva are poles apart and from different walks of life. But an accidental misunderstanding between the two triggers off a political war, one in which Sahana and Shiva not only become pawns, but are also forced to get married. What does fate hold in store for them? Find out now.
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  • Varatharaj N
    Varatharaj N

    Old Aishu vara soluga....😟🥺😒😒😒plzzzzzz 🙏😔

  • Nimmi Nithin
    Nimmi Nithin

    Missing old Aishwarya ... She was too perfect 🥰💞

  • Nive nivedhan
    Nive nivedhan


  • Dj Sarath
    Dj Sarath

    Aishuva ya maathiniga

  • RAJA lingam
    RAJA lingam

    Old aishu vanga pss

  • Jksheela Jksheela
    Jksheela Jksheela

    😭😭😭Old aishu come please 😭😭😭

  • Nesrin Nesimol
    Nesrin Nesimol

    Kerala ...😂ingott poroo..ivide ഉഷാരല്ലെ

  • Moorthi Moorthi
    Moorthi Moorthi

    Old ok

  • Moorthi Moorthi
    Moorthi Moorthi

    New is nogood

  • Mis Mani
    Mis Mani


  • Petchi Maharaja
    Petchi Maharaja

    Old aishu is best sethu old aishu best pair and shiva old aishu is a best sister and brother l am not accepted new aishu please come back this serial old aishu please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

    • Petchi Maharaja
      Petchi Maharaja

      @Kalai Parimala yes sister old aishu pathe athavuthe news kadacha soluka please sister

    • Kalai Parimala
      Kalai Parimala

      Sister feel intha ishu parthaa god promise.. varala siva.,.

    • Sasikala C
      Sasikala C


  • Vasugie Subramaniam
    Vasugie Subramaniam

    Not interested in this serial anymore what happened to the original aisu .