Amman | அம்மன் | Episode 444 | Nagasidhar Comes To The Village
Nagasidhar, who just got released from all the magical knots by Manthra, comes into the village, sits in the temple, and sends information to Sakthi to meet him. What's in store for Sakthi?
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Sakthi is blessed with powers from the Goddess Amman. Adored by the villagers for her abilities, she has grown up under the strict watch of her sister, who is her total opposite. Her life takes a turn when she meets an atheist doctor. Will he challenge her beliefs? Or will she change his views? Watch their story unfold.
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  • Colors Tamil
    Colors Tamil

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  • Ramachandran M.
    Ramachandran M.

    இந்த சீரியலில் ஒரு ரொமான்ஸ் இல்லை. காமெடி இல்லை சஸ்பென்ஸ் இல்லை. மந்திர தந்திர காட்சிகளாவது வரும் என்று பார்த்தால் அதுவும் இல்லை. பொழுதுபோக்கிற்காக தான் சீரியல் பார்க்கிறோம் என்பது உங்களுக்குத் தெரியுமா? ஏண்டா கழுத்தை அறுக்குறீங்க? சீக்கிரமா எண்டு கார்டு போடுங்க ப்பா!

  • Rajaratanadavi Nadarajah
    Rajaratanadavi Nadarajah

    I think Letchumi amma also a selfish person... if her own daughter will she do the same..Eshwar always worried about sakthi life but the rest of the family don't care what ever happened to Sakthi. Yes Amman samy always protect sakthi but no one worries about sakthi like Eshwar. Sakthi only dont understand and keep on hurting Eshwar. I just dont understand why director sir want like that. And when I watch today episode lechumi amma tell that maybe Eshwar force Sakthi to see his parents...pavam Eshwar, lechumi amma don't that actually Sakthi is using Eshwar for her own benefit...its not fair for Eshwar. ..

    • Oppo F55
      Oppo F55